Host a Calling Journey Workshop

Facilitator Training for the Calling Journey

Bring the calling journey to your church or organization by hosting a Calling Journey Workshop! In this highly-interactive, hands-on experience, a certified Calling Timeline Facilitator will introduce your group to the calling journey model and walk you through the process of creating your own personal timelines. Suitable for ages 20 and up, this workshop will help you:

The Calling Journey is a revolutionary model that helps people find purpose in their life experience and embrace God's inner work of personal formation. For more information or to set up a consultation about bringing the workshop to your church, e-mail us at

The Calling Discovery Workshop

Calling Discovery Workshop

If you'd like to help people discover their God-given calling and create a life calling statement, bring in the Calling Discovery Workshop. This exciting adult workshop or course offers eight interactive sessions wrapped around an innovative understanding of calling in being terms. Participants will identify the four elements of call:

Built around A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook by well-known life coach Tony Stoltzfus, this workshop also covers what calling is, common misconceptions about call, creating a Revelation Journal, and more. Bring in one of our experienced Facilitators or (if you are trained as a coach) purchase the Calling Discovery Workshop Presenter's Package at our Coach22 Bookstore and you'll have everything you need (including PowerPoints) to offer the workshop yourself.