A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook - coaching guide

Finding Your Place

We've talked about the road that leads to your call--but how do you figure out what that call is in the first place?

That's where the companion books to The Calling Journey come in. A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook is a personal guide to finding or clarifying your purpose in life. It breaks down destiny discovery into four areas:

With over 60 self-study exercises to choose from, you'll find just what you need to identify your strengths, define your values, record what God has spoken to you over the years, explore what your childhood dreams and family heritage say about your destiny, and much more. If you're struggling with your timeline because you aren't sure what your life call is, this book is a great place to start.

Here are some free exercises from A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook:

The Christian Life Coaching Handbook

Learn to Coach Calling Discovery

If you'd love to learn how to help others find and follow God's purpose for their lives, the third volume, the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, is a hands-on guide to using the exercises in the Workbook. Packed with sample coaching dialogs, practical tools, examples, and coaching tips, this is a reference book you'll turn to over and over again.

Written by a master Christian coach trainer, this book will show you not just how to coach people to a good life in the here and now, but how to aim people toward heaven and coach in a way that aligns with the lordship of Christ.

All three books are available individually or as a set from our Coach22 Bookstore.