One-on-One Coaching on Your Calling Timeline

If you want to know more about your timeline, or need help clarifying your call, a Certified Calling Coach may be the perfect answer. Our professional coaches will walk you through the process of understanding your timeline and applying it's lessons to your life today. You can work on things like:

Our Coaches

Here is a list of the coaches we recommend:

Dave Smith

Dave specializes in coaching for spiritual formation and leadership development. With a background in business as well as pastoral ministry, he is adept at working with leaders from many walks of life on discovering their call and navigating the calling journey. Currently he is walking through his own Valley of Identity on the calling timeline. Dave was certified as a coach through Western Seminary and Coach22, and provides workshops and training as well as individual coaching.

Andy and Janine Mason

Andy and Janine head up Dream Culture, a ministry dedicated to helping people discover the freedom to dream--and to follow those dreams to fulfillment. Hailing from New Zealand, they are passionate coaches with a background in business and ministry. Currently enjoying the rapid expansion of the Releasing stage on the calling timeline, they both travel and speak extensively around coaching, dreams and calling.

Martin Flack

Martin is a certified coach, coach trainer and calling coach who regularly leads coach training courses and provides one-on-one coaching to individuals of all ages. He brings 30 years of pastoral experience to the table to help his coachees find healing and new vision for their futures. Martin resides in Alaska and winters in California, offering training and coaching in both locales.

Kara Hanger

Kara coaches leaders around personal change as well as organizational issues, specializing in helping them excel at their careers while maintaining important values and leading a balanced life. After working on Capitol hill for a season, Kara is enjoying a slower pace and starting a family while in her Preparation stage on the timeline. She also facilitates workshops on gifting, calling and coaching. Her coach training was through Lifeforming and Coach22.