Janine Mason

Certified Calling Coach

Janine, with her husband Andy, run a Dream Coaching program at Bethel Church in Redding, California. They help people to identify their dreams, passions and calling and assist them in moving forward. She loves to build the lives of people and is partnering with Danny Silk in building a Leadership Development department for Bethel. Janine has a passion to see each believer come into an understanding of who they are and to help them live out their dreams. Her experience of discovering her own calling has equipped her well to lead others in walking through their own calling journey.


Janine and her husband Andy come from the beautiful east coast of New Zealand. Together with their four elementary aged children and ten suitcases, they arrived in Redding, California in August of 2008. In addition to being a wonderful mother to four children, Janine brings a strategic and relational aspect to all she is involved with. Her background in people development, adult training and project management merge as she helps people unlock dreams and make the practical steps to see the impossible happen.


If you'd like to explore being coached around your dreams and calling, contact:

Andy & Janine Mason
Dream Culture
Redding, CA