Kara Hanger

Leadership Coach

Certified Calling Coach

Kara Hanger is a Certified Calling Coach who loves coaching people to make the greatest possible impact in their own journeys. She coaches people through their individual timelines and enables them to see the hand of God in each mountaintop and valley of life.

Though mapping your timeline is valuable, personal coaching allows you to gain peace and confidence in how God is using your life circumstances. Coaching will increase your ability to strategically prepare for the future, and become content with where God placed you both personally and professionally.

Calling coaching can help you:

Kara has a passion for coaching leaders who want to live an integrated, focused, and on-purpose life. For several years while working with a variety of leaders on Capitol Hill, she observed blossoming careers coinciding with struggling personal lives. Too often, leaders woke up to the hard reality that somewhere along the way they lost sight of their priorities and gave up on their passions.

Kara thrives in helping leaders avoid this pitfall. She coaches people to excel in their careers and personal lives, while also providing perspective in the doldrums, struggles, and suffering. Whether coaching leaders on strategic organizational change, priority integration, work-life balance, or career transition, Kara believes that understanding one's calling is crucial to a deeply fulfilling life.


Kara holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in leadership coaching. Her work experience includes the non-profit arena, career counseling, higher education, and church equipping. In these arenas, she's seen first hand the benefits of a proper perspective on calling. She facilitates training workshops, gifts seminars, calling workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Kara lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Hunter and daughter, Ilah. They enjoy surfing, tennis, and any beach related activity.


Kara Hanger